International Center For Arts is a contemporary  art gallery set up in 2009, as BA Art Gallery, committed to the promotion of national and global artists, supplying original fine art to established and emerging enthusiasts and catering to special occasions in support of great art organizations that cultivate social understanding and promote the use of art in helping those in need.

International Center For Arts offers art available for sale in a wide range of mediums, including paints, sculpture, digital photography, illustrations, multimedia, digital art, ceramics, fiber, works on paper, oils, watercolors, and limited edition prints. The array of styles and costs suggests that the site is well equipped to meet all tastes and the majority of your budget.

International Center For Arts  building has a wide range of facilities. We have large mural display wall, individual 5 studios for work and display. Photographic professional facility for reproduction, Silver gelatin, conservation framing and complete large workshop. Also we have an outdoor summer time working facility under the tree. You may like to enjoy nature while you’re painting on the canvas. We are working with a group of artist like Bangladeshi American Artist forum New York, Artist Welfare Trust, Kolkata and Minority groups of artist in USA. and Canada.

We have a large collection of Eminent Artist from  Dhaka, Bangladesh  and Indian major cities.  We are enthusiastic regarding modern art. And share our enthusiasm by involving} collectors and fine art enthusiasts through gallery exhibitions, curated programs in public art spaces, fine art consulting and unique events.

We are committed to marketing art as a means to motivate and improve our lives, our neighborhoods, and the globe.Find out more about just how we are assisting to change lives with every sale. We are transforming} the globe through art.